This blog is written by BigLaw associates for the world. It is a place to commiserate. It is a place to scream. It is a place to cry (not really, we don’t like pussies). But most importantly, it is a place to warn future generations, who are star struck with all the glitter of BigLaw, what is really in store for them. The posts were probably written while sitting in a conference call (and contributing nothing more than a few thousand dollars in billables), waiting for a partner to return a bleeding draft, or while deciding how exactly to approach partners for more work (because to a biglaw associate, to be without work is like being denied air to breathe). This blog is full of bitterness and anger. It is full of pain and sarcasm. And hopefully somebody will find it humourous, because for some people nothing is funnier than watching someone fall over and over again without ever finding a way to get back up. Ah, Schadenfreude. We love you.


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