BigLaw Associates

Ah, we need to talk about what BigLaw Associates like more than anything else in the world, and that includes money. What could this so sacred thing possibly be? Well, BigLaw Associates like themselves the very very best. They are their own bestest friend because nobody could ever be as cool, rich, funny, smart, or wise as the BigLaw associate. Fungible? Bah! Of course not. The partners who think so cannot fathom the deep importance that is the BigLaw associate. or at least that’s what they like to think…and make you think.

Love thy neighbor? bah! Love thyself and make everyone else love thyself, even if it hurts them.

Ah, BigLaw Associates have a special place in their heart for themselves. Just as Narcissus fell in the water, BigLaw associates will fall into the big toilet of BigLaw thinking they will be the turd that will float and not sink. Because they are… The…BigLaw…Associate.



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