Ah, it seems time for Stuff BigLaw Associates to self-reflect on its existence and the existence of others like it now that it is a few weeks old. That’s right, it’s time to talk about why BigLaw Associates like law blogs. Yes, we like other blogs but nothing else holds our attention as much as law blogs. There are blogs by law students, there are even blogs by pre-law students (it makes me shed a single tear when I find one. poor bastards won’t even know what hit them), there are blogs by law professors (informative, sometimes boring, and rarely contains the word “fuck” so we don’t like them as much), gossip blogs (of course, the almighty Above the Law blog where people spend hours not just reading the posts but the 193 comments to each post as well), hiring partner blogs (new one: Hiring Partner’s Office–informative and good but doesn’t let his commenters use the word “fuck” either), and many many by disgruntled associates (including ones by canned disgruntled associates like  Shinyung Oh.

Why do we love these blogs so much? It’s because they are a mixture of commiseration and schaudenfreude. We like to feel that there is someone out there that is as angry and bitter as we are (or writes the Fuck You Later email like  Shinyung Oh’s  or this Trophy Husband (also formerly at Paul Hastings) we dream we could write.  And when we are done commiserating, we want to be able to laugh at the demise of some poor SOB at another BigLaw firm. We like to laugh at  partners who take their pants off  at press conferences, or how some junior schmuck or summer associate sent out a firm wide email  that makes us giggle when we imagine what kind of dread and embarrassment the kid felt.

Contrary to human nature where going through a traumatic experience causes one to be more compassionate towards others, especially if they are in the same or similar situation, we, BigLaw associates (and likely most attorneys) feel a little bit of joy, nay, alot of joy at inflicting this kind of pain on others. Like they say, abused children more often grow up to be abusers themselves. And so are we. Except that we also like to write about and read about the abuse we take and give day in and day out in our lives as BigLaw associates.

And so we hope that you will enjoy commiserating with us. And when you’re done doing that, that you will laugh, heartily, at the poor fools we poke fun at and abuse on this here blog.


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