BigLaw associates like rankings. Not just because they are prestige whores (which they are), but because without rankings all the whoring means nothing. They like to review publications, websites, US News, American Lawyer and any other such “authoritative” sources that contain ranking systems, no matter how invalid. They do this so they can compare themselves with other BigLaw associates at other BigLaw firms. They compare salaries (and now with the recent raise to $160 starting, they compare bonuses), they compare overall rankings on AmLaw 100, the PPPs, the random ass rankings such as: top firm in M&A deals involving companies that breed monkeys, or top firm in energy deals involving companies whose names begin with the letter “R”. It doesn’t matter that their rankings don’t really matter or justify the abuse we take day in and day out, because they give us something to talk loudly about, brag about, complain about in bars, on gchat, on greedyassociates, on ATL comments sections, etc.

We like rankings because these little numbers give us a reason to be a pompous little jackass. Without them, we would probably still be pompous little jackasses, but now, we can not only be so but also recite really loudly our importance and the rankings that we think justifies it.

Update: US News is considering changes to the rankings formula.  See Race to the Bottom for additional coverage.


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  1. Whatever. You are a rankings whore too. Everyone is. Except for those in ttt law schools.

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