Biglaw associates have a lot in common with GW.

Biglaw associates have a lot in common with GW.

BigLaw associates like paranoia. Paranoia is what gives us life. It’s what keeps us on our toes and a cut above “John-the-next-door-associate” or “Sue-the-graduate-from-Harvard.” It’s what makes us check the document for the fourteenth because we’re afraid we missed something and we don’t want to stop on the 13th time. It is what makes us go constantly check our blackberries even if we aren’t working on anything in the off chance someone needs you.

When we don’t have a partner breathing down our necks increasing our paranoia/anxiety level, we chug massive amounts of coffee to make us jittery and a little schizo but definitely anxious. Afterall, we have to keep our edge.

A constant dose of paranoia of getting fired, screwing up, or getting stabbed in the back when you least expect it  may makes us people nobody wants to hang around and quite possibly shortens our life in .6 increments, but it also makes us the people who overbill and live at work constantly checking our work and even re-reading it AFTER we’ve turned it in allowing us to bill even AFTER we’ve completed the assignment- exactly what BigLaw wants.

So, here’s to a healthy dose of paranoia!  May it keep you employed and help you earn that performance based bonus. 


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